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Mercenary Jobs

One of the most dangerous jobs in the world is that of a mercenary, but the pay is good. Armed conflicts are enough to scare many men, but not these soldiers of fortune. Although many of them often risk their lives in the battlefield, these battle-tested mercenaries get higher salaries. Some people look at mercenary jobs in a negative light because for them, it is all about the color of money. However, they forget that the lure of a hefty paycheck motivates other kinds of people like businessmen, butchers, professional athletes, clerks, executives, professionals and even butchers. A glaring difference is that mercenaries risk their lives to get paid and they are lucky if they come out unscathed.

In some cases, some mercenaries do not necessarily follow government policies compared to personnel who work for private military contractors. Also, the latter has to conform to international war laws while the former can do anything they want albeit illegally. To illustrate this point, some mercenary jobs thrive in politically unstable societies and they usually battle government troops. Moreover, some governments use them as paramilitary forces or have control over their armies. A cause for alarm is the fact that many of these dogs of war are actually dismissed personnel who have no qualms in breaking military protocol.

Those who work for the army, navy, air force and marines may find themselves looking for mercenary jobs if their units dismiss them. Military personnel who have experience in intelligence, explosives and security are the most sought after by these private armies. Other legal jobs that ex-soldiers can resort to are executive protectors, which are essentially bodyguards to rich or famous personalities. The pay is higher in this line of work because their employees value their security and privacy. Personnel who do not want to handle guns can become tactical medics and will provide treatment to wounded soldiers even if they risk getting injured themselves.

Those who want to be thick in the action or are not afraid of fighting enemy units can work for private military companies. Hardened by many battles, these soldiers can accomplish or perform any task. Also, the pay is huge if they are able to survive the various missions that will come their way. Other mercenary jobs include driving medical vehicles, transferring food, equipment, and other supplies in areas hit by hurricanes or typhoons. Additionally, one can become a disaster officer who will handle crisis situations like earthquakes, explosions, tsunami or biological disasters.

Trained officers under the command of a disaster officer will go to the affected areas and report the situation their superiors as well as repair any damage to property. These personnel will give out supplies and secure the area to avoid the situation getting out of hand. One of the best mercenary jobs is being a law-enforcement officer. Personnel or retired military officers who choose this job are able to curb criminal elements as well as protect civilians. Mercenary jobs are for those who have extensive experience in the military or security forces.