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Mercenary Companies - An Inside Look

Mercenaries have a long storied history and they strike fear into the hearts of their enemies whenever they go on a mission. From the Greeks, Romans, feudal lords, Alexander the Great, George Washington and Napoleon, paid mercenaries have fought other units and were so effective that they became a fearsome force. Nowadays, mercenary companies have sprouted and military units secretly are in contact with these companies and use them as well for covert operations. To avoid heavy losses in the field, mercenaries are increasingly replacing regular units and they are the ones who do battle. Aside from being combatants, mercenaries also work as security personnel, gather intelligence, manage weapons, transport military equipment, render technical expertise, train soldiers and advise them and other functions.

Their numbers have increased steadily that a congressional inquiry done in 2011 showed that mercenaries under the guise of being contractor personnel numbered 155,000 in Iraq and Afghanistan. This is far more than uniformed personnel who numbered at 145,000. There is even a report that 260,000 of these mercenaries are all over the world. Like their predecessors who were called dogs of war or soldiers of fortune, mercenary companies continue to thrive and are deadlier now due to their arsenal of deadly weapons. Furthermore, the money used for these covert units are staggering and some reports indicate three hundred billion dollars are spent to finance these groups.

More incredibly, these groups were able to operate because of fraud, waste amount, abuse, or often the recipient of bloated budgets. The figures are just the tip of the iceberg and it is possible that more than sixty billion dollars made their way into these mercenary companies. Slowly but surely, the number of troops have started dwindling. However, the expenses for mercenaries steadily increased as well as bloating the defense budget. In the past, one hundred thirty four billion dollars found their way to the regular units.

Since then, the expenses given to regular units have grown to two hundred seventy billion dollars and it is possible that private military companies get the lion’s share of the budget. At present, mercenaries deployed by private military companies are now the second largest contingent next to regular American soldiers. Additionally, these mercenary companies send their troops to different war-torn countries like the Balkans, Sierra Leone, Papua New Guinea and Angola. During a ten-year span, these soldiers of fortune fought eighty battles, which is far more than the fifteen conflicts that they were involved in from 1950 to 1989. The enormous success of these private army companies is a boon to the military and the superior military training that their soldiers get makes them a magnet for bidders who want their services.

Recently, in lieu of American soldiers, five thousand mercenaries went to Iraq with the mission to protect American interests there. At the end of the day, mercenary companies are very valuable to many countries who want to lessen military casualties. Lastly, these private military companies also play a crucial role in protecting military convoys because they are able to deter attacks from the side of the enemy.